Collingridge And Smith Architects have appeared in the following print and web articles.


EBOSS January 2016 Orchard Park (Web)

AECCafe February 2016 Hobsonville Point Early Learning Centre (Web)

Home Review February 2016 Fantails, Silverdale (Print)

Stuff February 2016 Creators Childcare (Web)

Archipro March 2016 Te Mirumiru (Web)

Stuff.co.nz May 2016 Chrysalis Childcare (Web)

Archello June 2016 New Shoots Papamoa (Web)

Commercial Design Trends June 2016 Chrysalis Childcare (Print)

World Architecture News July 2016 Chrysalis Childcare (Web)

AECCafe July 2016 New Shoots Papamoa (Web)

Architecture Now August 2016 Child’s Play featuring Te Mirumiru (Web)



Australia’s Green Magazine (Issue 40)  January 2015 Te Mirumiru (Web)

C3 No. 367 February 2015 Te Mirumiru (Print)

ArchiPro April 2015 Chrysalis Early Learning Centre (Web)

ArchDaily April 2015 Chrysalis Early Learning Centre   (Web)

Interior Design Blogs Chrysalis Early Learning Centre (Web)

The Fifth Estate (Australian eMagazine) April 2015  NZGBC Offices (Web)

I Like Architecture (Blog)  April 2015  Chrysalis Early Learning Centre (Web)

Architecture Now  April 2015  NZGBC Offices (Web)

Stuff.co.nz  April 2015   NZGBC Offices (Web)

The New Zealand Herald’s monthly sustainability publication – Element   May 2015.  NZGBC Offices (Print)

PC House (China) September 2015 Chrysalis Childcare (Print)

Inhabitat October 2015 Chrysalis Childcare (Web)



ArchDaily January 2014  Fantails (Web)

AEC Cafe  January 2014  Fantails (Web)

RIBA Journal  February 2014 CASA (Print)

The Paradise of Growth  February 2014  Te Mirumiru (Print)

Green Star  February 2014 Te Mirumiru (Web)

The Architects Journal March 2014 Te Mirumiru (Web)

Architecture Now  March 2014  Fantails (Web)

New Zealand Herald  May 2014 Te Mirumiru (Web)

Commercial Design Trends Magazine  July 2014 Te Mirumiru (Print)

Pacific Rim Construction Magazine July 2014  Te Mirumiru (Print)

Auckland Today  November 2014  Te Mirumiru (Web)



Home New Zealand  February/March 2013  Phil Smith, Lexus Young Designer of the Year Award (Print)

ArchDaily  February 2013 Te Mirumiru (Web)

ArchDaily  Feb 2013 New Shoots Papamoa (Web)

Swings and Roundabouts  (Autumn 2013) Te Mirumiru (Print)

Interiors NZ  March 2013  Te Mirumiru (Print)

Architecture Now  April 2013  Te Mirumiru (Web)

Swings and Roundabouts  September 2013  Phil Smith (Print)

El Mercurio VD Supplement  December 2013  Te Mirumiru (Print)



Inhabitat  March 2012 Te Mirumiru (Web)

Architecture New Zealand  April 2012 Te Mirumiru  (Print)

Architecture Now  July 2012 Te Mirumiru (Web)

Design Share  October 2012  Living and Learning Mangere (Web)

The Architecture of Early Childhood  October 2012  Te Mirumiru and Fantails (Web)

NZ Green Building Council  October 2012  Phil Smith, Being a Green Star Assessor  (Web)

The Architects Journal  November 2012  York Guildhall (Web)

BBC Look North  November 2012  York Guildhall  (Web)

Home Review  December 2012  Te Mirumiru (Print)