Hobsonville Point ECC

Provision of new Early Childhood services is part of the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s New School’s initiative. All new school sites have a designated area for a new licensed early childhood service.

Hobsonville Point has recently acquired a new Primary School, and selected the North Auckland Kindergarten Association (NAKA) to build, establish and operate an early childhood service on the site of the Primary School.

CASA were appointed to design the new centre for NAKA.

The concept for this centre came from analysis of the winning organisation, in particular its core values of Sustainability, Excellence and Aspiration. We expressed these as 3 whares housing the primary functions of the building. By rotating each whare and overlaying them, we formed a village, with a central ‘piazza’ at its heart. All classrooms flow onto this central space, as does the kitchen, creating a real social heart to the building and representing the organisations primary value – Hauora (health/wellbeing).

Client: North Auckland Kindergarten Association
Location: Hobsonville Point, Auckland, New Zealand
Construction cost: NZ$ 1.5 million
Area: 450m²
Programme: Completed 2015

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